Brad, Uptake And Ideas2IT Would Make A Great Team!

Brad, thanks for taking the time to read this! At Ideas2IT, we’ve been investing pretty heavily in IIoT-focused analytics. Our Data Science team is working working on use cases that include predictive maintenance and failure prediction. We’ve been following Uptake’s meteoric rise (in fact, we first got in touch with you before Uptake’s funding round), and it’s been refreshing to watch you tackle real-world business problems outside of the ‘smart home’ hype. Given how quickly you’re growing  (5o+ customers), and how hard it is to find savvy data scientists who also understand the space, we feel that this is the perfect time for Uptake and Ideas2IT to work together.

So, why work with us?

We’re glad you asked! If we had to pick out one thing that sets us apart, it’s our solutioning capability. Unlike other development firms, we don’t tout our technical expertise or the number of developers we have (though we have those down as well); we’re most proud of our knack for picking out winning use cases and executing them perfectly. Besides, we’ve taken products of our own to market, and our CEO has also built a funded AI startup of his own (see: PipeCandy)

All of this has helped us hone our skill to a fine art. Several times, companies have come to us with a one-line description of what they want, and we’ve ideated, implemented and taken entire products to market on their behalf. Case in point: A hundred billion-dollar manufacturing giant who wanted to optimize channel sales, came to us with seven years’ worth of sales data and a vague idea that they wanted to use Data Science for insights. We looked at their data, thought of a product, built it from scratch and transferred it to them. Take a look at this video for more:

Which brings us to the next very important point: IP. We’ve worked with very sensitive IP, and take IP protection very seriously.  Some of the companies we’ve worked with  include Ericsson, Motorola, Microsoft and eBay.

Really, what you should be asking yourself is why not work with us!

Meet our team


Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur. 20 years of experience in tech. Ex Google & Cisco.


Lead Data Scientist

Stanford alum with a passion for numbers. Loves Reinforcement Learning and KRR.


Lead Data Scientist

15 years of working with data. Keynote speaker and Data Science mentor.

Can we explore if we can work together?